Thursday, September 3, 2009

With just under 4 hours to go Swoopo's Mini Cooper auction at $109

The price of the 2009 Mini Cooper convertible Swoopo put up for auction yesterday is at about $109 with just under 4 hours to go. Should Swoopo be concerned that the price of this $24,550 car has risen to just over $100 (910 bids) as time winds down on the 24 hour auction?

No. We observe two things about everyone who has bid thus far. 1. They are placing single bids, not using BidButler and 2. They're not seriously trying to win the car, at least not yet.

Any serious contenders for the Mini won't jump in until the auction approaches closing or until it goes into overtime. Once the auction nears close I think we're going to see a huge increase in bidding activity and see the price rise quickly from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. However, there is always the chance that bidders feel winning the car is so unobtainable that they don't try and someone scoops it on the cheap, but I find this outcome unlikely. I think bidders will be reluctant to use BidButler and that we're going to see a lot of single bidders in a very long, drawn out bidding war. But who knows, I could be completely wrong in my predictions. We have never seen an item like this on Swoopo before so it's hard to tell how bidders will react.

Also, I received an email last night from someone close to Swoopo who asked not to be named but who said my break-even estimates for this auction are too low. This person said I failed to calculate the cost of acquiring customers and that I should give it another shot. I'll scratch my head on this one for a while and post something later.

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