Friday, September 25, 2009

Update from The Auction Squirrel

The Auction Squirrel recently posted this announcement on their site:


  1. Hi - looks like your case study is struggling. If you're on the lookout for another one, have a look at Jingobid.

    We've been reading your blog with interest and have to deal with many of the points you raise.

    The squirrel does look a little underfunded - there is no way you can get a site like this going without spending substantial money on ads. Also, you need to offer some differentiation to other sites, and most importantly be super-honest about everything you do.

    Jingobid has strong finacial backing and is fully expected to lose (a lot of) money for the first 3 months. It's key differentiationg points are an Asian presence, cheaper bids (around US$50c/ bid), larger auction increments (meaning they are genuinely auctions, not lotteries) and proprietary software (not a knockoff swoopo clone) that is continuously being improved. We also offer dropsales as another option for our users to spend bids. And as we are trying to build a sustainable business like swoopo's, we do not use any shill bids or other tricks - the auction results so far speak for themselves (ouch... but it means there are lots of happy clients).

  2. See for the site itself.