Thursday, September 10, 2009

All The Penny Auction Traffic Data One Could Ever Want

Wow, someone has gone and done my work for me. has a list of traffic for 95 penny auction sites (more than I knew existed) which will be updated daily, the site claims. has stats from Alexa, QuantCast and Compete and ranks the results using a weighted average to determine at PAT rank. Nice work, my only request would be to see it on a graph, and if the site calculates monthly change that would be amazing. Either way, hats off to for compiling this data in what appears to be an act of altruism (academic?).


  1. Are you writing about penny auctions as an act of altruism too ?

  2. more so than I'd like - feel free to click on the ads to the right and below.

  3. Another similar penny auction traffic site is: