Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Auction Squirrel Ships Products

I have been fairly skeptical of The Auction Squirrel since they launched last week for reasons I blogged about here. Namely, I'm getting tired of new penny auction sites that launch yet do nothing different. I know it looks like easy money, but even if it was it no longer is. If there are nearly 100 sites competing with you and you aren't special you have a fundamental business problem. If your plan to address this problem is to call yourselves "new and exciting" or "the best penny auction site" or "the number one penny auction site," you have an even bigger problem. The fact that there are big sites like Swoopo and BidCactus makes it even harder to compete (FYI - I keep mentioning these two because their traffic is 10 times as high as the next closest competitors).

So, needless to say, I was none too excited to see The Squirrel pop-up last Wednesday. However, while their site traffic is low and bidding activity meager, The Squirrel appears to be a legitimate business with no shill bidders and one that actually ships products. I spoke with two people last week who won items on The Squirrel and one person today reported that they received the gift card they won. In the penny auction industry being able to confirm that a site is shipping items and not shill bidding is a substantial victory it its own right.

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