Thursday, September 24, 2009

Day 2: The Auction Squirrel

So today is the second day of operations over at The Auction Squirrel. I've been following the site with an unexpected degree of interest since it's launch at noon yesterday. I think The Auction Squirrel holds my interest because I've never watched a penny auction site go from pre-launch into open-for-business mode before. I also don't see how the Squirrel could possibly make it (with nearly 100 similar sites out there), which gives it a bit of an underdog feel. I am also very curious to see what the Squirrel's strategy is because as I've loosely monitored it's progress these past two days I've seen it sell everything for less than $1. Clearly this cannot be sustained for very long and I don't see them spending any money on Adwords so I don't know how they are planning on getting enough traffic - and bidders - to make the site sustainable. I think with penny auctions the most important thing for bidders is not that they can get a good deal on your site but that they can trust you. Bidders need to believe there are no shill bidders and that they will actually receive there winnings before they spend money. This is the biggest hurdle for a penny auction site and I think the several largest sites, namely Swoopo and BidCactus, have been able to win customers' trust, this is why they are so successful. I would like to see if and how The Squirrel is able to build trust with users.

I'm going to make The Auction Squirrel my little case study. I'll monitor their progress and share my thoughts with the community. If you have any experience with The Squirrel, please share it with me. I am especially interested in hearing from people who have won things on the site. Thanks for your help with this!

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