Thursday, August 13, 2009

In the mailbox: BidHof

I got an email from someone calling herself "Victoria Blechman". On the Internet, you always have to be suspicious about names (my parents didn't name me "Malvolio", for example), but would anybody pick "Blechman" as an alias?

In her somewhat eccentric English, the presumably-authentic Ms Blechman plugged her new Germany-based auction site, BidHof ("hof" is "yard" or "court" in German). The pitch involved eBay-like consumer-to-consumer (C2C) auctions. Now, I've always been a little dubious about C2C penny auctions, so I was curious to see her site.

Sadly, the site was still embryonic at best. It offered a set of ordinary bid-fee auctions, using what is obviously same software used to implement a lot of other auction sites. It talked in vague terms about C2C but didn't actually support it as far as I could tell (the site implementer has the same English-as-a-second-language style as Ms Blechman; it might have been Ms Blechman).

Ah, well, the search continues.

UPDATE: See here for more on Ms Blechman and BidHof.

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