Monday, August 24, 2009

Bidcactus is back after "internal improvements" and prepares to offer fresh product line-up

Many users, including me, noticed that BidCactus did not come back online Friday night as they said they were going to earlier Friday after going down for "improvements," according to a notice posted on the Bidcactus homepage and re-posted here on Penny Auction Insider. However, the site is now back up and appears to be running fine. I was hoping for some cool new updates, but couldn't see any difference in the appearance or operation of the site when I perused this afternoon. I contacted Bidcactus's Marjorie Almansi to ask about what was new that I wasn't seeing. Almansi said in an email message the the site had undergone internal improvements and that they would start featuring a variety of new items, but declined to ruin the surprise. I didn't see anything new this afternoon but Almansi assured me we can look forward to a "variety of cool new things that will be displayed every day on the site."

Looking forward to it!

In other news, PennyAuctionWatch had a cool story about how Rocky Bid auctioned off a signed baseball photograph, which the article points out can't be found on any other penny auction sites.

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