Wednesday, August 12, 2009

If It Sounds Too Good to be True, It Probably is, Unless it's a Penny Auction

(What do you mean these TVs don't cost $10?)

Late last night BestBuy accidentally set the price of a 52-inch TV on its website at $9.99, instead of the true retail price of $1,699, allowing shopping pandemonium to ensue. Consumers who noticed the deal in the wee hours of Wednesday morning jumped at the amazing offer, with many buying several or more of the sets. However, as age old wisdom goes: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. BestBuy quickly fixed the mistake and told customers who purchased the $10 TV that the sale would not be honored.

While no one expects to get a 52-inch HDTV from BestBuy for $10, readers of this blog probably know of a few good sites where they might be able to snag such a deal. In the world of penny auctions, $9.99 doesn't sound like such an unrealistic price for a 52-inch TV, maybe a little low, but not unrealistic. Swoopo recently sold a similar TV for just over $100 and some of the lesser known sites can have even better deals.

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