Monday, October 26, 2009

Bidso Going for Penny Auctions

Bidso launched recently with a reveal price auction (similar to Circuspop, and one of Dubli's auctions) but according to a post on the business networking site ScriptLance, they are looking to make a foray into penny auctions.

This post shows that they are willing to pay up to $150 for a penny auction feature, and have gotten several bids. I'm surprised that the cost of implementing this feature is so low.


  1. your understated sarcasm makes me chuckle. keep up the good work.

    a fan

  2. Wow, yes, that is seriously low spend for such a function. Hmm, maybe I won't continue that 'Teach yourself HTML' book after all :)

  3. Ryan from here. This post is inaccurate. Our phase 2 development is unique from traditional penny auctions and we would not be able to complete it with a simple script installation. A cost of $150 for our project would be unheard of.