Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of my many, many readers writes

Jeff H. writes:
I have read all of the recent (good and bad) comments about Swoopo and penny auctions in general. Let me give everyone a point to ponder. If one day, a company like Swoopo said ok! we will no longer list our own items on the site, from now on, anyone who wishes to list their own items for sale may do so, you can keep all of the profits you make using the Swoopo bidding method, all you have to do is pay Swoopo a listing and final value fee just like ebay charges, these fees are for use of the site.

I can't help but wonder how many of you who are against the penny auction concept would suddenly be listing your own items for sale with the hope of pulling in the same kind of profits on your item that you say Swoopo is pulling in on theirs?

It follows then, that for those in favor of the Swoopo method, they obviously would jump at the chance. It also follows, that for those who are presently against the Swoopo method, they also would suddenly see a clear road to make a profit on any item they list on Swoopo.

Methinks in the latter case, there will be double standards flying all over the place and the naysayers will suddenly be saying things like, "You know something, Swoopo is not such a bad deal after all." LOL.

It appears to me that the overall mentality is, if it is new and has never been thought of or done before then it has to be crooked, that type of mentality is a clear demonstration of idiocy at its best. Those of you who are agianst the penny auction concept may not like what i have just said, but it is nevertheless true and you know it.

Whoever it was that originated the Swoopo (penny auction concept) most definitely has the millionaires mentality, those of you who criticize the concept are demonstrating that they are economic illiterates, (special emphasis on the word economic) at least until they would be allowed to list their own items for sale, then they would suddenly become financial wizards, LOL (sarcasm intended).

Come now you guy's, be honest and fair, tell it like it really is, you know that what I have just said is true and would happen in a heart beat if Swoopo allowed you to list your own items. When you bad mouth Swoopo and the like, you are opening your mouths just to change feet, if Swoopo gave everyone the opportunity to list their own products for sale you would jump at the chance and not one of them would give a rats ass for all of the losers that they presently feel sorry for in their blogs.

Now be nice people, respond to my post and admit that what I have said is true, put the sense of fair play back into your lives and start thinking of how you can make a buck instead if coming down hard on those who are at least trying to make a better life for themselves.

If all you naysayers are so concerned that there are people out there who are easily influenced, then stop trying to be a Mother Teresa by trying to influence them.

If you are still against it then simply keep your mouths shut and stay away, then no harm done.
I don't agree with everything Jeff says, but I'll respond in posts of my own.

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